Understanding How Search Engines Work and How to Market Better

Guidelines or Recommended steps to rank better on search engines also known as Search Engine Optimization are rules set by search engines like Google to decide whether to show your website to visitors searching for businesses to similar to you.

Search Engine Creative Tinge

So, why is it important for your website to be included in Google results? Because everyday billions of people search and discover businesses. It is the most effective way to improve your business.

Basic Steps to Follow

Many SEO gurus suggest a lot of ways to attract search engines’ attention but the heart if SEO is all about Google showing you the right result and make you, the user happy.

The basic tenet to follow here, as logic would suggest is to write content on your pages for people and not for search engines. It may seem obvious but it happens often that a small business does the opposite. We have all gone to web pages with irrelevant content written to deceive search engines for top rankings. These websites often loose sheen pretty quickly. Steer clear of any such ideas.

The idea of your business is to attract people and you need to keep doing that. Focus on providing useful, relevant content your visitors and keep updating your website frequently with fresh and useful content.

Create a blog and write frequently about how your industry is shaping up. Try to create a brand for yourself and keep pushing at it.

What Not to Do

Avoid Link Exchanges: Trying to get backlinks from other websites in exchange for a backlink to their site is a classic rookie mistake and Google will penalize such websites. We don’t want our business site to disappear from the face of internet now, do we?

Keep in mind to avoid links to spammers and automated software that auto submits your pages to search engines.

Do not create random pages on your website that are unrelated and are only to attract more search traffic. Giving value to a user is very important for search engines to recognize your site as a valuable one.

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