Why High-Profile Individuals Need ORM Services

Having someone manage your reputation shouldn’t be considered a luxury, it should be treated as a necessity. As an ORM agency who has dealt with many high-profile individuals, including celebrities and CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, we understand how imperative it is for big-named individuals to keep their reputation at bay all year round.

celebrity reputation management

Online reputation management services should be comparable to that of an accountant’s work. You don’t simply hire them when you’re getting audited by the government, you instead ensure that they’re with you during the year for bookkeeping and account analysis purposes. The great thing about our services is that SEO makes up our backbone, therefore when we’re not monitoring what is being said about your brand in the digital world we can employ crowdsourcing tactics and backlinking strategies to help you rank higher on Google for selective keywords.

Yes, celebrities have publicists that will manage media relations-mainly in terms of traditional advertising and events planning-as well as monitor the word-of-mouth that is floating around. However, the fear of nasty tabloids recounting fake, reputation-damaging stories is what keeps many celebrities up at night, especially since it can take a matter of minutes for something to swarm around the web. Sure, you may have a good enough grasp on how to monitor your keywords through Google Alerts or mention.com, but do you truly have the resources and know-how to remove and suppress bad news once it occurs?

The stitch with celebrity reputation management is that your brand is more personal, and thus more difficult for the public to forget about when a scandal ensues. It’s difficult to forget Rob Ford and his cocaine-induced habits when thinking about Toronto politics. Those types of stories don’t simply disappear from people’s minds, and we understand that. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to live with defamatory, scandalous and false articles that hibernate on Google’s first page when someone searches your name.

Let us take care of your reputation by ensuring that Google’s top results provide a positive representation of your career and interests.

Here’s a snapshot of how we can help manage high-profile individuals’ digital reputation through our ORM services:

  • We monitor the positioning and ranking of specific keywords and articles. Through our own state-of-the-art software, we can track the traffic that particular pieces of content attached to your name receive. We speak and breathe the language of data analytics, and can therefore instantly provide you with recommendations to preemptively improve your rankings.
  • When bad news creeps up on Google, we instantly work to replace it with good news. This can be in the form of getting your name featured on a high domain site, such as the Huffington Post or The New York Times, as a means to diminish the importance that Google places on the unwanted press release. We also keep a repertoire of articles for backlink juice that will help propel good news on top of the search engine results page. Although Google’s algorithm is consistently changing, we know for a fact that they place prominence on articles that have been online for a longer period of time. Therefore, the best way to offset the blow to your reputation is when the issue first surfaces.
  • We consistently spread good or indifferent news about you via social media platforms and microsites. We will regularly post for you on social media so that Google places high relevance on these platforms. As online reputation experts, we are also equipped with the crisis management strategies of how you should (or shouldn’t) address the fake news that stirs up on the web. Think of us as your online publicist.

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