Where Marketing Strategies Merge With ORM and SEO for Businesses

Marketing is changing so quickly that there are tonnes of new direct mail marketing ideas, loads of new strategies for social media campaigns and endless marketers claiming they know the best way to do marketing. Businesses are using new software every 6 months and consumer behavior is changing daily. So while online reputation management uses primarily SEO practices on good results among other secondary strategies, the work is becoming more and more diverse. With Google’s constantly changing algorithm, these secondary strategies are changing and becoming more critical, particularly for businesses that rely on local marketing strategies in order to attract customers. An example of this could be seen in marketing strategies for roofers since roofers rely on organic local searches in order to reach their customer base.


Any advanced ORM agency should know that PR, social media and customer engagement are becoming the best ways to compliment an SEO or ORM strategy. Some are good and some are bad. Here are our top 3 marketing strategies to compliment a search engine reputation management strategy:

1. Remarketing (a.k.a retargeting)

Although remarketing has been around for a long time, it is one of the most proven strategies for businesses. Why? Because people see something multiple times. After seeing an ad a couple of times, it plants a seed in their head and the brand recognition increases for that individual. This is only done when they’ve visited that website or shown interest online somehow. So you know they’re already interested. How can it help with SEO and ORM strategies?

Most businesses that inquire with us have bad reviews or complaints. They not only need to suppress the bad but compensate with other strategies to increase sales. This is one of many that would compliment an SEO/ORM strategy because it drives traffic to the result you want it to. Referring or paid links are still quite valuable. If you don’t only use this strategy, Google still puts value on referred traffic, boosting the effects of a firm’s efforts.

2. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO is using data, analytics and insights to improve how you reach out to customers to increase conversions. Some typical examples are calls-to-action and A/B testing but that might not have as great as an effect in complimenting an ORM or SEO campaign. The best way to use these analytics is to see what kind of content user spend the most time on. That is the type of content you want to encourage your SEO or ORM team to write. Above that, Google’s algorithm is getting more picky about how content is written. It used to be that it could be written in mass and be super generetic. Now, Google’s algorithm can tell how well content is written and how long people are engaging with it, slowing down the productivity of content writers. Regardless, CRO can help team produce better content.

3. Responsive Design

Onsite SEO is equally important when building assets to rank in Google, which is why many people often opt for a wordpress large seo package to get their site up to standard. This can include how a website or platform looks on a desktop compared to a mobile platform. While a responsive design increases user engagement and increases the lengths of time of traffic, it primarily (for an ORM or SEO strategy) gives a thumbs up to Google. Given a sitemap and responsive design, if Google can navigate (crawl) your website easily, it will positively add to the other factors that affect its ranking.

Realistically, most ORM or SEO strategies need to be paired with other marketing strategies. Putting all your eggs in one basket as a business owner may be tempting but not sustainable. If you are a business seeking suppressing or optimization services, be sure that the agency you choose is open to exhausting all of their resources to run a successful global campaign for you and your business.

In addition to online design, it is a good idea to have your shop frontage (if you have a physical store) in the same design as your online marketing. You can get these designs from places like NW Signs LLC and have consistent marketing for your business.