Top 3 Tips To Turn Your Growth Hacking From Blah Into Fantastic

A term coined by Sean Ellis eight years ago, growth hacking is a technique of brisk experiments across all aspects of the business in order to discover the best methods one can use to develop their business. The technique uses strategies that directly affect certain key performance indicators and Digital Marketing has embraced it fully.

Growth Hacking Creative Tinge

However, the area is quite often misunderstood, causing companies to follow wrong procedures, focus on the wrong areas and ultimately failing.

Here we attempt to separate fiction from the truth and give hopeful entrepreneurs tips on how to get the maximum out of this strategy.

Technical Support

Good technical support is absolutely necessary in the current market. More often than not, people tend to hire the cheapest person available for the position without fully understanding the importance of the position. Nowadays, consumers are much better at handling technology than in the past, but most importantly, there is now a certain expectation of great technical support. Basically put, if your website is not working, then you will lose your consumer base.

Do not skip on social media

Social media has rapidly become a major area to focus on for advertisers and for good reason. 1.86 billion people use Facebook on a daily basis so there is major potential in just one social media network. If you take a look around, all successful companies have a strong presence on social media networks.

A good social media plan can help you quickly brand yourself and bring in more consumers, but likewise, a bad social media plan can quickly unravel your success. Pay attention to your strategy and hire an expert who knows what needs to be done.

You also need to monitor what is being said about your company online. Consider using Google Alerts for this. Once you add your keyword, it alerts you every time they come across a mention of the said keyword.

Set concrete goals to measure your success

Many commit the mistake of setting unreachable goals, but there is hardly any point in doing so. You need to have SMART targets. The word stands for Specific, Measureable, Achievability, Relevance and Time bound. In simpler terms, you should know what you need to attain and when you need to do so. Needless to say, these goals should help towards your end goal of growing the company.

You can measure your goals with metrics such as your organic ranking on sites like Google or Bing. Getting your company to the first page of the search engines will drastically increase the amount of people visiting your site.

While there are numerous other tips on growth hacking, the above three tips focus on the most important aspects and by adhering to them, you can quickly grow your company and brand yourself. Growth hacking can be a great asset if executed in a proper manner and is sure to grow your company beyond what you expect in a short amount of time.

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