5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Marketing in 2019

There are over 2.6 billion active social media users. Among them are your customers and potential customer. The question is, how to reach them! In today's fast-paced digital landscape, artificial intelligence can help your business create more effective marketing and social media strategies. AI can help you improve the consumer journey and change the way you attract, capture and nurture leads. It can also play a pivotal role in turning prospects into raving fans.

Marketers are already reaping strong ROI from AI innovations, as more businesses are integrating this tech option every day. By 2021, companies are expected to be spending $57 billion on AI platforms. So, how can you use this cutting-edge technology to reach your business goals?Here are our 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Marketing in 2019.

Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Marketing in 2019

1. Take Sales Forecasting to the Next Level

AI is already taking takes conversion management solutions to the next level. It will solve the marketeers dilemma of juggling between the conventional and sophisticated inbound communication metrics.

With players like SalesForce with in its Pardor and Einstein and Oracle working round the clock, sales forcecasting automation is one of the things we will probably be seeing in 2019.

2. Optimize Digital Advertising Campaigns

Digital advertising has traditionally been a human dependent activity. With the decrease in the depth of data shared by Google, several new website and ad traffic tracking systems have come up in the last decade. It is estimated that a company uses 2.7 tools on an average to track and analyse its ad spents.

3. Reaching the Right Content to Target Audience

Costumer segmentation has been the holy grail of marketing. With the advancement of technology and deeper tracking of A/B testings, customer segmentation has become very easy. Companies like SharpSpring have been working to deliver multiple messaging strategies though the same email campaign.

In spite of all the