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If the words Online Reputation Management, ORM Services, ORM Consultants, Online Brand Reputation, Personal Reputation Management are new to you and you are troubled by the bad reviews, negative news articles and employee brand mouthing on online channels, then you need an ORM Consultant.

Online reputation management is the digital equivalent of the public relations. ORM consultants such as us are into the practice of influencing or controlling the image of an individual or business. Online Reputation Management is the process of cleaning up your reputation online and “demoting” websites where the negativity is posted.

ORM the practice involves reducing the visibility of negative search results, usually in Google. ORM consultants at Creative Tinge offers to provide specialized and dedicated ORM services to its business clients so that their brand in the web domains remains buoyant. Our experienced team of legal, technology, public relations and marketing professionals will promote, protect and defend your online reputation and eliminate or minimize the impact of damaging online content.

ORM Services Online Reputation Management Services

Online Reputation Management has become an essential component of any brand reputation management strategy. Protecting online brand reputation is the most important thing a company needs to do. A brand earns name,  goodwill and evolves them into brand reputation through years of hard work. But, losing it might take just minutes in the online world.

In the information era, reputation is critical and Google is king. The Internet has an incredible capacity to spread information, but not all of that information is fair, reasonable or researched. Twenty years ago, negative press would have to undergo huge authenticity and accuracy vetting. Then a business would usually only have to fear bad press if it had done something genuinely wrong.

In today’s world, however, it is too easy for one disgruntled blogger to cause endless damage to a business. They can ruin a company’s online reputation indefinitely with an angry blog post or a Facebook comment. This can often be very upsetting to the business owner, who has fought hard to earn a reputation for quality.

Buying decisions are swayed by a positive online brand reputation and ruined by a negative one. We help defend and maintain your reputation as well as protecting your bottom line. If unfair negative reviews, articles or forum postings on the web are damaging your brand, then part of your digital marketing strategy should include some measure of online reputation management.

Why Does A Brand Require Online Brand Management?

Right now, people are talking about you and your brand online. What are they saying?

Unfortunately, negative comments have a nasty habit of ranking higher and spreading faster than all the good things people have to say about you and your business. Upset a customer and their views are all over the web quicker than you can type ‘Brand X really sucks.’

Worse is that these results seem to stick around for ever. Google tends to pick up on this and posts your negative results above your own website results. Over 90% of people will Google a business before financially engaging with it. Negative search results often lead to a lack of trust in your brand, and thus reduced sales.

This is bad news, but the good news is that there are things we can do, with our reputation management services, to help remedy the situation. We have helped a select number of clients “lose” their negative online results.

Your online reputation could also be tinkered by your competitors through a slander campaign. Try to reverse it through our Online Reputation Management services.

Our exclusive Online Reputation Management – ORM Services:

  • Find out what’s your Google Ranking, which determines your Online Reputation
  • Introduce you to the processes of personal Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • If required, we build up your online reputation of your brand afresh to improve your search results
  • Our specialists will use their Advanced SEO Tactics to boost your Rankings Online
  • There are Emergency Tactics too which tackle negative search results for you
  • Improve your Google Image Results and maintain it
  • Provide you with tools to spot any online reputation problem and gently remove it from the search engines
  • Social Media: Monitor mentions about your brand across social channels through listening tools.
  • Measure sentiment about conversations around your brand
  • Monitor and engage with online entities that influence the brand image as compared to that of your competitor’s
  • Measure and amplify the positive chatter around your brand and create brand advocates that will endorse your brand online
  • Provide a quick ORM action plan to combat a crisis situation involving negative conversations about your brand on social networks

As one of the leading Online Reputation Management companies, our
online reputation management consultants focus on the personal reputation management services, brand reputation management services, online brand reputation monitoring and suppress negative search results. While we are not among the companies offering, cheap reputation management services, our online reputation management services cost is one of the most competitive in the industry and is often the right-fit for your company. Online brand reputation management is our forte and our love!


Our experienced team of online brand management experts help online reputation management of your company no matter who is searching for your business online – customers, clients or coworkers. We create and highlight positive content for your business and push down negative search results so you control what people see when they search for your brand online.

Creative Tinge is the leader in online reputation management services. We back up our online reputation repair services with an unconditional money-back guarantee. Our ORM services team will begin work immediately to remove or suppress negative search results that damage your reputation using the latest technology, our search engine marketing skills and a commitment to achieving measurable results.

  • We are happy to educate you! Most of the digital marketing companies choose to keep their client in dark. But, at Creative Tinge, we offer tailor-made online brand reputation management solutions depending upon your requirements.
  • Experience: Our Online Reputation Management services team is experienced, qualified and know the best remedy to all kinds of situations. We have dealt with crisis communication, bad reviews, bad news articles. And that is the reason this team has quite a lot of happy and satisfied clients.
  • We are flexible. You can choose not to go for our packages and pick services you need. We will offer you flexible pricing for the same.
  • Affordable: We provide highly affordable reputation marketing services. But please do not compare us to the kids who ”want” to provide you the Digital Reputation Management services.
  • Reachable: Our Online Reputation Management team works in all the three major time zones. We are approachable over mail or phone anytime.
  • Image Make Over Experts: When it comes to image makeover, we are like high-quality cosmetologists with well-trained staff and technology.

ORM consultants at Creative Tinge offer specialized online reputation management services for your brand, internet and personal reputation in Vaughan, Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington, North York, Oakville, Maple, New Market, Barrie, Georgetown, Scarborough, Bolton, Milton and GTA. If negative online reputation is currently affecting your online credibility, then our online reputation management consultants will devise an ORM plan to spot it and remove it from the search engines.

Please reach out to our online reputation management services team for a free audit of your site and how we can help impact business volumes and conversion rates though better online brand management.

What Can We Do for Your Online Brand Reputation

Build and Manage Online Reputation: Our ORM services help to build and manage the online reputation of your company by controlling the online conversations. It helps to present your company’s best results forward to make it more popular. More people would like to engage in your site if you are able to provide the exact thing which they intend to find in the search engines.

Recover Online Reputation: As leading online reputation management companies, we also help to recover the lost online reputation through different social media platforms and providing such information which can attract more and more customers. Our ORM services also helps to fix the damage which has occurred earlier and provide necessary alternatives to your company for recovering.

Online Reputation Monitoring: As a online reputation management company, we monitor the online reputation of your company. our services help to make your company or site popular by crafting several plans and influencing the outlook of the individuals regarding the entity, company or the organization on the internet. It manipulates the public opinion.

Remove Negative Comments: An ideal online reputation management company would always remove the unnecessary and the negative comments from your website which can harm your company or organization’s reputation. Our ORM services retaliate to the misleading feedback of the customers and allow you to put the best of your company forward.

Develop Positive Online Reputation: It helps to manage the activities of your company. They always try to satisfy your customers by putting the best information forward on your website. In this way, our ORM services try to develop a positive reputation for your website and social platform. It would help your website look great online because that ultimately decide the career of your organization.

FAQs Regarding the ORM Services and Online Brand Reputation Management

What are ways online brand reputation can be damaged?

There are a bunch of ways one can damage brand reputation online. Someone can write something negative about you in a blog post, which is fairly common, unfortunately.

There are complaint sites where people can anonymously post comments for a business, such as RipOffReports, and these cause huge damage of online corporate reputation.

Sometimes the mistakes of a company such as not-paying a vendor on time, lopsidedly canceling contract or not following government norms could create a negative news article. Often it takes a long time for the

Also, there are some inventive ways used to damage a reputation.  A disgruntled ex-client or fired employee sometimes takes over or really hijacks a domain name to post bad things about them, such as, “” or –and this shows up very quickly on the first page of Google. Our ORM consultants help in decreasing the effect of such vandalism online.

What is the most common form of Online Brand Reputation Management Service that is sought?

A typical ORM services client might want a listing that is appearing on the first page of search engine results, for a given keyword, moved off the page. This particular form of Online Brand Reputation Management, which involves displacing negative listings from the search engine results pages (SERPs) and substituting them with indifferent or positive listings, is what’s the most commonly sought ORM service for clients.

How much would Online Reputation Management cost monthly?

When it comes to Online Reputation Management, the fee is not monthly. We will analyze your reputation, offer a solution in a proposal to you with a flat fee.

Just like Search Engine Optimization, the fee cannot be predefined. We first have to evaluate how bad your reputation is and figure out the amount of time it will take to clean things up.

How long will it take for my name or brand to get “cleaned up” by your ORM Services?

Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered until we evaluate your online brand reputation. In most cases, it doesn’t take long at all. This all depends on the type of websites the comments or reviews about you are posted on, the credibility of those sites and a gazillion other factors. That’s right, we said gazillion because it’s the truth.

Will ORM consultants prevent future negative comments from being posted?

We ensure that the Online Reputation of all our clients is managed at a monthly retainer fee. Some of the consumer companies have a greater chance of receiving rants on the social media than a B2B company. But, we can ensure that your online brand reputation management will be well maintained.

I I do not have enough budget for hiring services of online reputation management consultants, what is the best method to ensure personal reputation management?

I guess it is okay to start off by managing your online assets. Make sure you have your claimed your domain name and have a website, but just starting with a simple blog will be a good start for your online corporate reputation management. But this will not be the end of your online brand reputation.

Also, create social media presences on sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and connect with other leaders and get them to share your Tweets.  This will act as a buffer in case anything bad shows up on the first page of Google searches.

These are suggestions only for people who cannot afford personal reputation management services and not for online brand reputation management. The best way to keep your online corporate reputation clear in the future is to work things out with all the stake holders. If you have any negative press out there, rebut it publicly and try to work things out. Hire
online reputation management companies to get the best results.

A Suggestion on Using ORM Services

There are very few companies that provide quality ORM services. In the frenzy and rush to combat negative press or online content, people often pick a company in haste. Our advice is to be careful in deciding who you will work with on the area of Online Reputation Management. In our own experience, we found far more companies dealing in the business of hope when it comes to ORM rather than actually dealing with the cleanup and suppression of negative content.

For our online reputation management proposal, fill the form in our contact us page to get in touch with our reputation management consultants. Do not worry about the online reputation management services cost, we will ensure that our reputation management solutions will fit your pocket perfectly.