Marketing Analytics

Know customers more deeply, predict what marketing initiatives will yield the best results, and decide what will net a competitive advantage. This is possible only with Marketing Analytics.

We help you uncover actionable insights to assess your brand in terms of industry performance, competitor analysis and product category analysis across all digital platforms. Our digital analytics services include omnichannel analytics, web analytics, social media analytics, digital ROI, digital market research and social listening.

Creative Tinge works with a number of customers to build, measure and improve their direct marketing efforts. From data acquisition for campaigns, to trade area selection to ensure highest response, to response analysis for future campaign decisions, Creative Tinge works with you to determine the best approach to market to help you acquire and retain the most profitable customers.

More than ever, marketing organizations are being pressed to maximize effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI) — and for good reason. Companies want to know their marketing spend is delivering bottom-line results by identifying, reaching, engaging, converting, and retaining more customers.

Yet many marketing executives struggle with the measurement and analysis of marketing performance, unable to confidently answer important business questions such as:

  • Who are our most valuable customers?
  • What are our best-performing channels?
  • What are our most effective campaigns?
  • How does our activity compare to competitors?
  • Are we allocating resources appropriately?
  • What are our best opportunities for growth?
  • Where should we focus our marketing spend?
  • What should we do next to increase our results?
Capture, Analyze, and Act on Your Marketing Data

The goal of an analytics initiative is to develop actionable insights from your data, continuously learning from user and organizational activity to make smarter decisions and improve business results.

Effective marketing data analytics requires a few key elements, including:

  1. Goals and objectives — Defining what you want to achieve and how you will measure performance.
  2. Data management — Systematically collecting and integrating information from your various systems.
  3. Analysis and reporting — Creating visualizations and marketing analytics dashboards that clearly communicate results along with strategic insights provided by our marketing analysts through the use of customers onboarding forms or other data collections methods.

Bringing these pieces together and harnessing power of your marketing data. However, it requires specific expertise. As experienced marketing analytics consultants, Creative Tinge will ensure you establish the framework and processes necessary to successfully execute marketing data analytics within your data-rich environment.

Visitor Spend Analysis

Understanding the behavior of online visitors has become inevitable to optimize the ongoing marketing programs and improvising lead generation or conversion numbers on the website. It also acts as a great input in defining content targeting strategy for your online business. Creative Tinge can provide recurring behavioral analysis reports to your key stakeholders and assist them in the optimization process.

Marketing Spend and ROI Analysis

Marketing Managers are always looking for periodic reports to make the next set of decisions. We provide weekly and monthly channel performance reporting with actionable insights. These reports empower your Digital Marketers to take proactive decisions regarding their campaign spends across multiple channels, keep their CPA under control, and improvise their channel ROI.

Analytics experts help clients quantify, maximize, identify, balance and predict, so every marketing dollar can be spent more wisely.

Funnel and Conversion Modeling

Gain a better understanding of which buying journeys are turning prospects into customers and, ultimately, into advocates. Advanced analytics techniques keep up with shifting funnel and conversion dynamics.

Hyper Personalization

Consumers and buyers connect with brands that show an understanding of their unique situation and needs. Take personalization way beyond segment-based campaigns, even to the level of a campaign for one. And do it in a scalable way.

Social Media Listening

Enhanced social media analytics combine text, speech and customer sentiment analysis with business performance indicators and predictive analytics. Track recurring themes, spot emerging trends and identify rising influencers. Using a platform that combines all of your social pages and puts them on the web is also useful, as it takes your social presence and put its out there for new audiences to come across. Various free sites offer these services and it will make your life a little easier seeing your social posts in one place. linktree alternatives can show you how to upgrade your social presence.

Ominchannel Attribution Modeling

Learn something from every marketing investment, and constantly improve your mix. Track the effectiveness of ATL and BTL media strategies across mobile, online and offline channels. Make this a daily routine and you will see dramatic results.

Loyalty Program Analytics

Align with the connected consumer and make loyalty programs more relevant. Follow the loyalty journey and use every data point available to hone in on what will make individual members buy under what circumstances.

Cross-Sell and Upsell Strategies

Machine learning is adept at determining lucrative product combinations, which customers are likely to buy them, and when. Using AI techniques, campaigns can be structured around the most responsive customers and their most-wanted products.

Know Thy Customer

There are conversations happening about your brands, your products, and your services all over online social world. The velocity, at which this consumer generated content is growing, is making it a daunting task for the Digital Marketers to interpret this qualitative data and make sense out of it. Creative Tinge’s Predictive Marketing team can help you get insights from this data by leveraging our advanced Text Mining skills. It’s also important to know the age of your customer, that way you’d be able to best market towards them. For example, if your demographic is young then you can carry out aggressive student marketing rather than waste time marketing to older people who won’t want to use your service.

An entire practice is dedicated to Customer Analytics. Leverage our 15+ years of experience helping global brands deeply understand their customers

Why Creative Tinge for Marketing Analytics?


Extensive experience in Marketing Analytics working with digital agencies and enterprises across the globe.


We measure performance using important business metrics such as ROI, cost per acquisition, channel attribution, and overall channel effectiveness.


Our analyses help our clients to make well informed decisions and hence optimize their marketing efforts.


Our analysis on marketing performance, customer segmentation, channel attribution helps in enhancement of effectiveness of marketing programs.

Talk to our experts about how other companies increase marketing ROI with analytics and AI.