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Called by many names such as Lead generation, Lead Automation and Lead Intelligence, Lead Gen is the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales for your agency. Business Lead Generation Services often uses digital channels. Hence, this medium has been undergoing substantial changes in recent years from the rise of new online and social techniques. Nowadays the abundance of information readily available online has led to the rise of the self-directed buyer. Emergence of new techniques to develop and qualify potential leads before passing them to sales.

Lead Generation Companies often try to garner new leads by simply sending out mass email blasts or general flyers. At Creative Tinge, we take a unique approach to lead automation. Our lead generation services take a personalized, human approach. We don’t just work on providing high-volume, low-quality leads. Instead, we take the time to help you build trust and the potential for long-lasting business relationships with your customers. So, our excellent lead capturing service allows us to reduce time and effort involved with lead generation.

Our Approach to Lead Generation

As a lead generation company we use our expertise in Search Engine Optimization as the foundation of our premium a lead generation service. This results in leads that are highly targeted and fully engaged when your company contacts them. A recent study shows that heads of marketing identify the biggest lead generation challenge is acquiring high quality leads.

  • All leads are phone verified to ensure a level of quality and interest in your business or services
  • You will be provided with pristine leads

The modern day B2B Lead Generation process begins with a pursuit to gain attention from your target persona. Once you have the attention – get them to volunteer their contact details. The next few steps are to engage, inform and once ready to convert – gently push the lead to ‘Sales’.


The lack of follow up after the lead gen is what causes a damper in business development, leading it to failure. Follow-up can be uncomfortable for professionals who would rather be practicing their expertise instead of seeking sales. But it needs to be done to ensure customer satisfaction. As the lead generation company of choice we help companies achieve the


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Google AdWords is an online advertising service that places advertising copy at the top, bottom, or beside, the list of search results Google displays for a particular search query. The choice and placement of the ads is based in part on a proprietary determination of the relevance of the search query to the advertising copy. (Taken from Google themselves)


Targeted banners can be used for branding, brand reorientation, product launches or direct sales. They are one of the best marketing tools to reach the right audience with the most relevant message.


Lead filtering is the process of sorting through the large amount of leads. So, this helps your brand choose only the leads that benefit them the most. It is a crucial task of sorting out the leads that are in the best interests for your brand.

Lead Generation Plans at Creative Tinge

We, as a lead generation agency, offer 3 business lead gen service packages – Build, Grow and Accelerate.


For new businesses or businesses new to marketing, ‘Build’ is ideal. Build will include all the groundwork to get the business and website ready for the next stage.


‘Grow’ plan is uniquely custom-designed for businesses that are already generating leads but want to engage, convert and qualify better while improving the traffic volume and value.


And Finally – Accelerate, full throttle. It is the lead generation service, most recommended for businesses that have their eyes set on ruling the market for the longest time.

Ready to get started with Our Lead Generation Services?

Businesses are looking to grow beyond geographical boundaries with focus on new client acquisition by business lead generation. Therefore this has been made most effective with the help of various lead gen tools available in the digital marketing arsenal.

As an emerging leader among lead generation agencies, Creative Tinge, offers you to experience the best-in-class lead generation services and helps you enjoy enhanced business performance and growth.

Lead Generation Process at Creative Tinge

With in-depth industry experience and expertise in the digital marketing domain, we at Creative Tinge provide consistent, high quality B2B lead generation services for startups as well as corporates by leveraging on the versatile digital media tools to drive consumer interests in products or services, both in local and overseas markets.

    • Attract target audience to your website
    • Engage through content and earn contact details
      • Nurture the prospect through education
    • Score prospect to ascertain readiness for sale

Omni-Channel Lead Generation

Connect with your target audience and guide them to a buying decision with the world’s best lead generation system.


Utilise big data and predictive analytics to identify your highest performing market segments. The power of Big Data helps in reaching the right message to the audience of interest. This helps us in offering better business lead generation services.


Develop a steady stream of new prospective buyers to your website or landing page. As the best lead tracking company, we help you automate the flow of lead gen and tracking.


Split test and optimize landing pages to generate more leads for less budget. This helps you in generating more leads with lesser spent.


Integrate directly into your CRM or marketing automation system to report on a cost per sale basis. This helps in effective getting better leads.

Our Difference in Lead Gen Services

We don’t waste your time with unqualified leads because our two step lead qualification process ensures contact with right prospects. Lead Automation is the need of the hour.

At every stage of our B2B lead generation, we are continually finding ways to find and obtain the strongest leads. Hence, when it comes to elements like your landing page forms and your direct response advertising, we’re on the frontlines tracking everything from conversion rates to online behavior.