At Last Google Toolbar PageRank Is Laid to Rest

Google told us they would be removing PageRank scores from the Google Toolbars last month. Well, now, Google has finally and fully cut the data from the Toolbar and any tool that tries to fetch that score.

There are dozens of reports across the web of people asking over the weekend where their PageRank has gone. Well, their PageRank still exists, but the Toolbar version of that PageRank is gone, gone forever.

It has been years since Google updated the PageRank scores in their Google Toolbar, and Google has been trying to demote the importance of PageRank over those years, as well. Last month, Google told us they would officially remove the 1 to 10 scores from their Toolbar feed and that it would go dark in the coming weeks. Well, this past Friday, April 15, 2016, it went dark.

Post-PageRank World

PageRank, Google’s original secret sauce, finally goes back to being secret. Only Google will know the scores, which it will continue to use mixed in with the many other factors that make up its ranking algorithm.

The absence of PageRank scores may cause some to seek alternatives, estimates from third parties about how authoritative pages might be. These remain, of course, just guesses. Only Google itself knows the actual PageRank score for a page — and as can’t be said enough, the score alone isn’t the only thing that determines if a page ranks well.

In other words, don’t fixate on scores, either Google’s scores, for the remaining few weeks they’ll be around, or third-party scores. For some, they can be a useful way to focus. But for too many, they can become an obsession that pulls away from other types of SEO work that can be done. If you are focusing on scores, it might be worth outsourcing SEO needs to an agency like Charlotte SEO. They could handle any SEO needs a business may have and then the business can return to its normal day-to-day job roles. Not to mention, an external business may have different SEO tactics that could improve the SEO for your business.

Finally, with PageRank scores going away, we all can enjoy a peaceful web where no one’s dropping links in comments, emailing pitches to buy links or causing publishers to fear they haven’t applied nofollow properly in sponsored content to avoid a possible Google penalty. No PageRank scores, no pressure about links!

Heh. Of course, none of that is going away. PageRank scores launched the link economy, but that economy long left the actual scores behind. It may make it harder for some to value the links they want to buy and sell, but links will continue to be brokered as long as people know that Google depends so much on them.

What Does It Mean to Brands?

PageRank scores on the toolbar are gone. The rules that define SERPs will not be gone overnight. But, there are still a lot of SEO rules that keep changing dynamically.

Some companies feel secured if the marketing activity is done internally. While some of them succeed, most of them fail in achieving success. This is because of the dynamic world of marketing we live in. Digital Marketing is undergoing transformation rapidly from 2011. A range of marketing like your reviews on Google is important as well. You might even have to know how to delete google reviews, because as we all know public perception is important.

Feel free to hire an agency and after due diligence outsource marketing to them.