Corporate Reputation Management Plan of Creative Tinge

Corporate Reputation Management has quickly become an essential part of any successful company’s marketing and communications plan. Consumers define you by your online reputation. If a search for your business or brand delivers negative results in Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, your integrity and revenue are sure to suffer. Your business and your brand have a reputation online whether or not you choose to actively participate in online promotional activities. If you don’t manage what’s being said about your business and brand and control your online reputation, someone else will.

Online Reputation Management

Whether the negative listings are from a competitor, a new business, or a message board, the impact can be financially challenging at best and devastating at worst. The explosion of websites including customer rating sites, forums and the social media provides clients and consumer’s unparalleled access and voice to their experiences, both positive and negative, regarding products and services as well as company policies and attitudes.

A single review can cost you the loyalty of several, high-paying clients. SEO Services in Canada can provide you with online reputation solutions and assistance that will help you connect with your customers in a better manner, and effectively promote your products and services.

  • Research the problem: An important first step in Online Reputation Management is analysis. Creative Tinge will analyze online sentiment, perform initial reputation tracking across all major social networks, news, images, and blogs
  • Develop and Execute a plan: make recommendations for pro-active reputation management in order to provide your company with all the tools and technology necessary to have the highest degree of control of corporate online reputation. Take a proactive approach by constantly circulating positive public relations and using organic SEO to boost positive listings in search engine results
  • Monitor: Continually monitor the situation to make sure the positive publicity remains front and center, and any negative sites are outside of the top 20 search engine results
  • Passing on the Skill: We will also train your staff once the systems are in place should you prefer to handle online reputation monitoring and social media engagement in-house in the future

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