How Changes to Facebook Algorithm is Also Impacting Advertisements

It’s not news, or at least it shouldn’t be, that Facebook taps its user base and performs research on the massive trove of data. However, the aim is not to get more ads in front of more users but to feed deep learning algorithms. Yes, machine learning and artificial intelligence in Facebook are being used for multiple purposes, and one of those is more personalized advertisements.

facebook algorithm

This may sound like it is only impacting consumers, but in reality, the businesses that rely heavily on social media marketing – particularly Facebook advertisements – are also carefully observing the recent algorithmic changes. Tailoring your ads to your audience and expanding the range of that target audience has never been more important for the marketing teams of these companies.

Recently, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg announced the type of content his company would be prioritizing using its machine learning and nascent AI. The following content criteria are affected by Facebook’s new update –

  • News feed. Users will see more content from family, friends, and groups. This makes it even more important for successful ads to “fit in” with the style of content users are already seeing or want to see.
  • Advertisements. Overall, advertisements will be one of the areas most impacted by Facebook’s new algorithm. Users are aiming to see fewer “pointless” or “irritating” articles, clickbait advertisements and videos. Content that is successful will need to be aimed toward staying relevant to viewers as machine learning edits others from their view.
  • Organic content. Emphasizing organic content from other users over generated content would seem to devalue the quality of advertising on the social medium. Some may fear that this is the death knell for advertising on Facebook.

Beyond Facebook’s New Update: Machine Learning

In a recent Wired article, the Director of Applied Machine Learning at Facebook stated that at this point in its development, Facebook cannot exist without AI. IN the interview,Joaquin Quiñonero Candela noted that every user experience on the site is powered by machine learning. ThoughFacebook’s algorithms are proprietary, the new age of AI has developed at amazing speed in parallel projects from Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and even Uber. However, the user base for Facebook offers an unequaled audience with rich streams of data from over 2 billion users so that the artificial intelligence in Facebook achieves better results.

Take Advantage of Machine Learning for B2B Reach

The emphasis on organic content delivered by AI does not mean that social advertising no longer has any value. Instead, the new artificial intelligence in Facebook doles out content – such as advertising – based on meaningful interactions with the user base. In fact, working with a digital advertising company that understands and can work with AI and machine learning can make these new changes work better for you than any previous social advertising you’ve done!

Experience, knowledge, and the ability to adapt and grow in a rapidly changing online environment may not be your company’s core competency, but there are many marketing agencies that offer it as one of their core competencies. Today’s best social media optimization services and marketing companies know how to stay up to date with changing algorithms and harness their power to create the kind of content that gets in front of people’s eyes and leads to meaningful decisions. Finding and working with these types of professionals does more than putting a company on the map, it puts a business in front of people who will use, recommend, and influence others.