Harold Jahn – Strategic Advisor | Board of Advisors

Harold Jahn is a serial entrepreneur based out of Edmonton, Canada with business interests in Salt Lake City, Utah, Nevada and other states in USA. Mr Harold has worked extensively over the last three decades in the areas of green energy, technology, mining, medical technology, building technology, real estate, fintech and interactive tech with focus on go to market strategies. He aims reducing our impact on our planet by reducing fuel consumption, clean energy processes and better industrial efficiencies.

His company Prosperity Investments LLC reviews several projects and firms annually for private investment and makes between 2 and 5 private investments per annum with the goal of dramatically increasing the sales of the firms, while expanding their net revenue, the management team, and growing their assets. As the founder and sole shareholder of Prosperity Investments LLC, he has worked on a wide range of innovative global solutions focusing on generating employment in smaller communities by developing entrepreneurial ecosystem and physical infrastructure in companies based in Canada, the United States, Asia, Africa, or Europe. Harold has a vision of creating over thousand full-time positions per annum in smaller communities throughout the US and Canada.

He has a proven record of success in commercialization of new technologies and believes that any idea that has potential to put dent to the universe must be nurtured professionally. He often augments the strength of the existing management team and adds additional management talent to increase the success rate of the invested company. To this effect Mr Harold Jahn has developed an extensive global network of professionals, influencers and like-minded individuals to ensure successful ventures. He has also been a

As a strategy advisor for Creative Tinge, Mr Harold Jahn helps in strategic expansion of the company across the territories.

When not working on his businesses interests, Harold is an traveler and loves hiking!